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Steps to Create a Secured and Locked folder in Windows

Steps to Create a Secured and Locked Folder in Windows

Take Folder lock as an example, it is a professional program that can lock files, protect USB Drives and lock CD/DVDs. It encrypts files and folders very fast and cleans history automatically.

Besides, protected files can be hidden very well and completely. And there will be no evidence of Folder Lock installed. Moreover, the lockers are undeletable. It totally supports Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows NT.

The following are the steps of creating a Secured and Locked Folder with Folder Lock:

Step1: Download the latest version of Folder Lock to your PC and install it.

Step2: Run the lock folder software, click "Create a New Locker" and "Set a New Password" Screen appears.

Step3: Set and confirm a password for that locker. Make sure to set a strong password which is easy to remember but hard to guess. Enter your password and click "OK".

Step4: Protect your data using locking method, select "Lock" tab.

Step5: Add files, folders and drives to your locker, click "Add Folder and Drives", a screen shows all the files, folders and drives present in your PC. You can "drag and drop items" to your locker or use the "Add" button to add drives to your locker.

Step6: Once you have done with the selection, click "Lock Now". When finished, click "Close to Protect".

In a word, the new version of Folder Lock supports all types of removable and external shortage devices, you can choose your important files, folders, pictures and private data and lock them to prevent others from peeping.

You can have a try now. Download