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How to Lock Folder and File in Windows

How to Lock Folder and File in Windows

Many of the computer users want to have their private space without disturbing and attacking from others on their computer, but how we can lock and hide our folders and files from the prying eyes, is there a utility to do us a favor?

Here, we will show you how My Lockbox locks and hides folders and files in windows.

My Lockbox is a secure and advanced freeware application that allows users to lock and hide any folders and files on the computer. It is impossible to access the lockbox not only from the local computer, but also from the net.

Step by Step Guide to Lock Folder and File in Windows:

Step1: Download and install My Lockbox, enter your password.

Step2: Accept the agreement, click "Next", select a directory, click "Next", then load My Lockbox from your desktop and open it.

Step3: Enter you password, then you can browse and choose the folder you want to lock from you hard drives.

There are two quick start tips, you can either of them to effectively lock or unlock your folders.

Now, you can successfully lock you important folder on your computer. And you can keep your Lockbox in a safe place in order not to be found by others.