Folder lock - free download folder lock software

Folder lock software - Lock and protect important folders and data

Lock Folder - free download lock folder software

Why Need Lock Folder?

Nowadays there are many viruses invade our computer. Our important files may be lost and damaged. It's a big headache for the computer users. What should we do?

Don't worry, we’ll introduce you some folder lock software to help you lock and protect your folders.

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Lock Folder Software
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Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a powerful software that can encrypt or lock files to protect your important data. You can keep as many of your private folders in the Locker and password protect it with a single click. You can also create as many Lockers as you want and different password as well. It is undeletable on the computer if you install it.

Each Locker can contain your encrypted files as well. It is easy to use and supports Windows 7.0, Vista, XP and 2000 and is the most download File Encryption Software in the whole world.

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Folder Lock - lock folder software
AB Hide Folder

AB Hide Folder is a funtional program which can lock your personal files and folders with password. Using AB Hide Folder, you can prevent others from peeping your privacy unless a correct password is entered. It likes a powerful and professional guard protect your folders.

It is very easy to use, and without complex setting procedure, you can use it skillfully in several minutes. This program uses prefessional and special file system driver to avoid the cracking to hidden folders by others.

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AB Lock Folder - Lock folder software
Lock Folder XP

Lock Folder XP is an outstanding security program that makes you lock folders, files, and drives to protect your folders from malicious programs with personal password. It is the best way to guarantee that nobody gets access to your private information accidentally or intentionally.

Folders cannot be deleted, damaged in any way because locking folders willmake them invisible. Even if your notebook is stolen, your important data will not be found by others.

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lock folder xp - folder locking software
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